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What is included in a standard home inspection?

The following aspects are included in any home inspection, unless specifically agreed upon or in case of a Phase 1 or 2 new home build :

  • Roof
  • Fireplace
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC System
  • Structural Components
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Attic, Ventilation & Insulation
  • Porch & Deck
  • Driveway
  • The whole interior:
  • Built-In Appliances
  • Ceilings, Floors & Walls
  • Windows/Glazing
  • Doors

Our most common inspection upgrades

Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan

Infrared Scan Finds Leaks
Infrared Scan reveals active water leak
Infrared Scans finds overheating electrical components

Full House Infrared Scan

Beyond what we can see as inspectors, Infrared Thermal Imaging allows us to water leaks, overheating electrical components, and areas with little to no insulation. This is a must have service on any property new or old.

Detached Garage or Workshop

Detached Workshop
Detached Garage

Detached Garage or Workshop with electrical and /or plumbing

Make sure you get your detached garage or workshop inspected as well. When Power and or Water are added to these detached stand alone buildings, they should be inspected the same as the main house structure.

In-Ground Sprinkler System

Sprinkler Head Inspection
Sprinkler control Inspection

Sprinkler system inspection

We check the operation of your sprinkler system in all zones and make sure all your sprinkler heads are operating properly.

Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa Visual Inspection
Pool inspection

Pool and Spa Inspection

In-Ground Pool (and spas when present) need to be visually inspected for proper motor, filter, and electrical operation and deterioration of both the equipment and all surfaces.

Wood Destroying Insect (TERMITE)

Termite inspections with your home home inspection in Dallas Fort Worth
Finding evidence of termites during your home inspection in Dallas Fort Worth

WDI Termite Inspection

  • We perform a full property inspection for signs of termite infestation and destruction and provide a full report.

Well and Septic

Well water inspection during your home inspection
Septic system inspection during your home inspection

Well water and Septic Inspection

We perform visual inspections on your well and septic systems. Make sure it's inspected with your home inspection!

Descriptions of each of our main services below. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or to schedule an inspection.

Searchers Inspections Certified Residential Property Inspector


A buyer’s inspection is of significant importance before closing the sale. Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced in real estate purchase, Searchers Inspections beats the competition to be the top home inspection company because of our efficiency and code of ethics. Being industry certified in inspecting any kind of property, we provide high-quality work regardless of the size of the property.

Our inspectors come armed with industry-standard tools and are adept at understanding what’s essential for having a safe and healthy home. With years of inspection experience and advanced training, our inspectors leave no stone unturned in presenting to you a clear perspective about the property.

We perform an end-to-end investigation right from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. Knowing the state of a property helps the buyer renegotiate their offer or request the seller for repairs in case of significant defects in the build.

Post inspection, we will send you a clear and detailed digital inspection report the same day in an easily understandable format that summarizes any shortcomings or health hazards and provides details as well as maintenance suggestions. You can opt for a printable PDF report too. After the inspection, our inspectors reach out to you to elaborate on everything stated in the report either on-site or by a phone call, a Zoom call, or Google Meet.

In case we miss something significant and are unable to make it right, with our "Buy your home back Guarantee" backed by InterNACHI, we'll buy your home back for your purchase price. This gives you ample assurance that you are working with the right home inspection company!

Searchers Inspections provides sellers with a Move-In Certified Inspection


Planning to sell your home?

Before you list your home for sale, let the Searchers Inspections team have a look at it first. Our certified home inspectors conduct a thorough home inspection on your property and if everything checks, you get a "Certified Move-In Ready" home inspection report!

This puts your property high in the rankings and makes the whole process easier for everyone involved. Once the pre-listing inspection is done, we'll put a yard sign up and your realtor can add that the home is "Certified Move-In Ready" to the listing description. Having a Home Inspection Report available to view makes it more likely for a potential buyer to shortlist your property.

Is this necessary ?

YES! A sellers pre-listing inspection lets you understand any possible roadblocks that can cause delays in the sale of your property. When you choose Searchers Inspections, we do an in-depth inspection of your property to help you understand its condition before you list it for sale. With this knowledge, you have the option to make sound decisions to ensure it gets sold.

With the details in our home inspection report, you get the opportunity to fix and replace what’s malfunctioning and decide who to hire to execute this. You have the liberty to choose what you are and aren't going to have fixed/replaced. Any major or minor issue left unattended gets added to the disclosure statement presented by your realtor at the time of sale.

Having a home inspection report and clear disclosure statement highlighting ‘known defects’ helps you as the seller to weed out potential buyers who would eventually make an issue about these defects. This saves your time, effort and money since you will only be interacting with buyers that are satisfied with the current condition of the property as mentioned in the home inspection report.

A pre-listing home inspection also helps you surpass any last minute negotiations with the buyer during the buyer's 10-day-option period. Also, waiting for the buyer to have a home inspection done just delays the whole process for the seller. This means having to wait for them to spot issues you may be unaware of but now have to rush to repair/replace, or negotiate your listed selling price and sell at much lower price.

Such negotiations usually lead to you losing money due to lack of enough information about the property. In such cases, you are eventually forced to make the necessary repairs or offer credit to the buyer for replacements. To avoid all these hassles, contact us today for a sellers pre-listing inspection.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections


Owning a home is a bliss, but maintaining it can be challenging. An annual home maintenance inspection can make things easier for the homeowners. Many times, we ignore certain repairs and are later forced to pay heed to them when they become a costly affair. Other times a lot of issues are actually unknown.

The Searchers Inspections team assures you a fuss-free home maintenance experience regardless of the size of the property. We inspect your home each year to keep you updated on the condition of your home. The inspection report helps you understand all the defects and malfunctioning systems we come across. This allows you to catch problems in the early phase before they get worse, costing you a small fortune to replace/fix.

For instance, small water leaks that otherwise go unnoticed for long periods of time can lead to structural damage to the house and even facilitate mold growth. We make it a point to check your electrical system to prevent a fire breaking out due to burnt or disconnected wires, or overheating. Another important part of our home maintenance inspection is checking your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system for dirty filters or leaking refrigerant lines that may cause them to stop working before it comes to a point where there is no other solution than replacement.

It’s very common for commercial and office buildings to opt for regular inspections to avoid any major safety hazards and keep the building in good condition. So why wouldn't you give the same care to your home? Reach out to us today to schedule your routine annual home maintenance inspection.

Searchers Inspections 11th Month Warranty Home Inspections


What is a warranty inspection?

A warranty inspection or a 11th-month inspection is a service provided to new home buyers to uncover any shortcomings that may be covered under the builder's warranty. These are conducted towards the end of their first-year builder warranty period. The 11 month warranty inspection is crucial for finding defects in the home that were initially not found or might have happened during the home ownership.

What is included in the inspection?

A new home is not necessarily free of defects. A 11 month warranty inspection is a comprehensive investigation of each and every aspect of the home before the warranty expires. This includes everything right from the foundation to roof, interior as well as exterior of the building.

Why would I want one?

A 11 month inspection helps in identifying any deficiencies in the structural, mechanical, and installed appliances in the home. It also helps in understanding any important repairs. A summary of all such recommended repairs is provided by us in a thorough and informative report which can be shared with the builder during the warranty period.

The house is new, shouldn't it be perfect?

No home is perfect; not even a newly constructed one. Most new homeowners come to this realization within a few months of stay in the new home. It is not uncommon for them to spot issues that may have developed within the first year of occupancy. This is quite obvious considering the fact that home constructions are extensive with various materials and methods of construction being conducted with the help of workers. With so much happening at the same time, construction of a new home may have some or the other defects.

A professional third party inspection from a reputed company like Searchers Inspections helps the homeowner understand any hidden issues. We provide a list of suggestions for repairs and corrective actions that can restore the home back to its perfectly new condition. Get in touch with us today for a 11 month warranty inspection.

Searchers Inspections New Construction Phase Inspections


A Final Phase 3 / Blue Tape inspection follows TREC Standards of Practice and the report produced is on the standard TREC report form. For this inspection, it is important to have all utilities in order for successful completion of this inspection.

A final Phase 3 inspection by Searchers Inspections is conducted once the home is ready, when we walk with the builder and place blue tape on defects, which is why this is called the Blue Tape walk. This inspection focuses on structural, operational and safety issues.

This inspection includes all systems found in the home – Interior, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, HVAC, Drainage, Plumbing, Insulation, Built-in Appliances. It may also include – Septic System, Sprinkler System, or other Optional Systems. Additionally, we also apply blue tape to any cosmetic issues noticed during the inspection.

Searchers Inspections New Construction Phase Inspections


During a phase 2 inspection at framing and rough-in, Searchers Inspections team will inspect the following systems prior to covering them with drywall and insulation:

  • Electrical System – Wiring and Junction Boxes
  • Mechanical HVAC System – HVAC Ducts, Dryer/Exhaust
  • Framing of Entire Structure – Interior/Exterior Walls and Roof
  • Plumbing System – Supply and Drain Pipes, Shower Drain Pan
Searchers Inspections Drone Roof Inspections

Drone Residential and Commercial Inspections

Searchers Inspections Drone Inspections

Drone Residential and Commercial Inspections

Schedule Drone Service

Ancillary Inspection Products 

(In addition to standard home inspections)

Searchers Ancillary: Pool/Spa Inspection
Searchers Inspections Ancillary Septic Inspection
Searchers Inspections Water Well Inspections
Searchers Inspections Lawn Irrigation System Inspections
Searchers Inspections detached garage or outbuilding Inspections
Drone Roof Inspection
Searchers Inspections FAA Drone Pilot
Searchers Home Inspections Infrared Certified
Searchers Inspections Crawlspace Inspections

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