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Real Estate Drone Aerial Photography​

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Aerial Drone Photography has become one of the hottest new features for real estate listings. What once was too expensive to get high definition photos from a plane or helicopter now is affordable for listing agents by hiring an FAA Certified Drone Pilot for EVERY listing! Realtors can now get photos and video from all exterior angles.

The listings with the best aerial shots get seen first!

The best thumbnail shots like this attract attention to your listing. This creates the WOW factor!

Drones get the best front photo

Even as simple as getting the best front photo front a little higher than the sidewalk or street level. Drone photos are also always level due to its gimble technology. 

Searchers Inspections is a certified Drone Pilot!

Gary Ricker, owner of Searchers Inspections and certified home inspector is a trained & experienced drone pilot. Certified by the international association of home inspectors to not only inspect with a drone but be a drone photographer and videographer. 

FAA Certified Remote (Drone) Pilot

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all professional drone pilots for inspection and photography and other purposes to obtain and hold an active FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot License. Gary Ricker is an FAA Part 107 Professional Drone Pilot and uses DJI brand drones for Inspection and photography.

Drone Residential and Commercial Inspections

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Drone Residential and Commercial Inspections

Searchers Inspections Drone Inspections

Commercial Drone Photography​, Video, and Inspection

Construction now using Drone Technology

Drone technology has become the new way for residential and commercial construction sites to keep "eyes" on progress and do faster and safer progress inspections. From site selection, zoning meetings, and progress videos and photos to site map printouts and site safety. 

Site Inspection

Safety inspections for job sites. With many workers at all levels and supervisors and managers only having so much they can see and direct at any given time, Drone site inspections have become a popular daily and weekly norm for GC and investors. Having a daily or weekly overview of photos and video helps keep track of any dangerous issues on site that need to be addressed. 

Land and Site Mapping

Drones can now in little time and complete safety do overhead aerial survey photography for "mapping". Whole site photos for planning,  groundbreaking, construction progress, and finished results for printing layout maps, overlays, mapping, and modeling. 


Site progress Inspections using a drone is now faster and safer. Allowing a drone pilot to inspect progress in regular intervals of work or phases of construction for completeness, errors, and safety. Drones can circle sites, projects, and structures from top to bottom as well as direct down aerial shots so Investors, General contractors, and Project managers get eyes on the progress and can inspect without ever stepping foot on-site or interrupting workers. No more suits in hard hats on site until completely necessary. 

Building Exterior Inspection

Even existing non-residential (commercial) buildings from restaurants and retail to schools and government buildings age, settle, and need exterior inspections from time to time. The older they get to more often they need to be inspected. For example, cracks in this brick wall high up out of sight from ground level are secretly showing settling and foundation issues which if caught early enough can be repaired.