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Our most common inspection upgrades

Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan

Searchers Inspections - Infrared Certified
Infrared Scan Finds Leaks
Infrared Scan reveals active water leak
Infrared Scans finds overheating electrical components

Full House Infrared Scan

Beyond what we can see as inspectors, Infrared Thermal Imaging allows us to water leaks, overheating electrical components, and areas with little to no insulation. This is a must have service on any property new or old.

Detached Garage or Workshop

Searchers Inspections - Certified Garage and Workshop inspector
Detached Workshop
Detached Garage

Detached Garage or Workshop with electrical and /or plumbing

Make sure you get your detached garage or workshop inspected as well. When Power and or Water are added to these detached stand alone buildings, they should be inspected the same as the main house structure.

In-Ground Sprinkler System

Searchers Inspections - Lawn Irrigation/Sprinkler inspector
Sprinkler Head Inspection
Sprinkler control Inspection

Sprinkler system inspection

We check the operation of your sprinkler system in all zones and make sure all your sprinkler heads are operating properly.

Pool and Spa

Searchers Inspections - Pool and Spa Inspector
Pool and Spa Visual Inspection
Pool inspection

Pool and Spa Inspection

In-Ground Pool (and spas when present) need to be visually inspected for proper motor, filter, and electrical operation and deterioration of both the equipment and all surfaces.

Wood Destroying Insect (TERMITE)

Searchers Inspections - Wood Destroying Insects Inspector
Termite inspections with your home home inspection in Dallas Fort Worth
Finding evidence of termites during your home inspection in Dallas Fort Worth

WDI Termite Inspection

  • We perform a full property inspection for signs of termite infestation and destruction and provide a full report.

Well and Septic

Well water inspection during your home inspection
Septic system inspection during your home inspection

Well water and Septic Inspection

We perform visual inspections on your well and septic systems. Make sure it's inspected with your home inspection!

We'll Buy Your Home Guarantee backed by InterNACHI

The Searchers Inspections Guarantee, "We'll Buy Your Home Back"

This guarantee backed by InterNACHI gives peace of mind to any home buyer that hires Searchers Inspections for their home inspection.  If your Searchers Inspector misses something major and you're no longer happy with the property, Let us know and we'll buy your home back for your full sale price. Watch the videos below of testimonials and celebrity endorsement!

Why should you consider a SEARCHERS home inspection?

Ensure the home you buy is a good investment

Searchers Inspections is a neutral third party inspection service. We will report all findings included in a state of the art digital customized report that you'll receive same say in most cases.

A home is likely the biggest purchase you will make

Don't HOPE your new home is free from major issues, know it! Searchers Inspects the entirety of every property from foundation to the ridge of the roof. 

Understand maintenance costs before purchase

Understanding the condition of the home can give you insight that can help you make the decision to purchase or not. Homes are expensive, don't find out after it's too late that you have a major problem that can be VERY costly.

Ensure that your home will be a safe place to live

Your inspection report will ease your mind or inform you that there are dangerous aspects or safety hazards on/in the property. 

We use specialized equipment like Infrared thermal Imaging to see water leaks, overheating electrical, and other hot and cold spots through walls and ceilings that a normal inspection can't see.

We use Drones to inspect multi-level homes and very steep pitches for the safety of our inspectors. 

Home Inspector Forth Worth TX

As a premium service provider in home inspection in Forth Worth, Searchers Inspections has the best home inspectors delivering exceptional workmanship through their expert visual inspections. Our home inspectors in Forth Worth, TX are committed to identifying the health and safety of a home along with bringing to light any hazardous issues found in the build.

As the most trusted home inspection services in Fort Worth, our team includes home inspectors who offer practical and detailed insights about the build of a property. They put in extra efforts to uncover all possible defects that may go unnoticed by a home buyer. These defects, if left unattended, could cost you a small fortune to repair in the upcoming years.

Best Home Inspection Service Forth Worth

Searchers Inspections is a premier home inspection company providing unparalleled service to cater to all your property assessment needs. Being meticulous in our work and conducting every inspection with integrity has earned us a reputation for being the most reputed home inspection company in Forth Worth.

The key to a successful home inspection is working with an experienced home inspector. Being an all-inclusive service provider, Searchers Inspections has the most accomplished and experienced home inspectors working with you to uncover every detail of a prospective property. This gives you the peace of mind that you will get an unbiased and honest perspective from our inspectors.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Forth Worth

No home is built perfect, nor does it stay perfect forever. But you can get an inspection done to minimize any unwanted and expensive repairs before purchasing a home. Searchers Inspections provides high quality and informative home inspections at the most economical rates.

Our aim is to provide you with all the crucial details so that you purchase a home that is safe for your family. As a certified COVID-19 ​Safe Inspector Company, we place utmost importance to hygiene and sanitation. So you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

We serve in Forth Worth, D​allas, Denton, Arlington, Mckinney, Grand Prairie, Lewisville, Irving and nearby areas.


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